and then it was fall.


went to crete for a meeting on the molecular biology and genetics of lepidoptera (that’s moths and butterflies). for a whole week. i presented my poster (well, what we printed out on sheets of paper. the actualy poster got left somewhere at atlanta hartsfield.), listened to lots of talks (lots of talks). ate way too much cretan food. drank way too much cretan wine. swam in the mediterranean. did not ever want to leave.
had a few way too personal conversations with my graduate advisor. we hung out together most of the time. drinking and chatting. the group took a day trip to paleohora on the southern coast. it was a long bus ride and when we got close, i complained that we weren’t there yet. so he asked the driver to stop and we got off. the rest of the group went on to the public beach, but we got this wonderful beach all to ourselves. me and my advisor, changing behind towels, basking on a deserted beach.
we spent a night in athens on the way home. we had a beautiful dinner on a veranda, and it felt way too much like a date. the next morning, i put a flower in my hair, and he told me it looked very nice. i said i was trying to feel more feminine. he said no, no, you don’t need anything. you’re a very attractive woman, really. you’re very attractive.
okay, a) woman? ahh. b) no way is this appropriate, right? i mean. i do like the guy as a person, and i like hanging out with him. and i honestly think that he’s not trying to hit on me or anything. he is happily married, after all.

me and dick at the banquet the last night of the conference, both totally smashed.
dick and me.

dick on the private beach. check out that sky.
dick, beach.


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