week one: check.


whew. it is now thursday and, having no classes or other obligations on fridays, the first week of school is over.
i successfully introduced my syllabus to my two lab sections. i was surprisingly not nervous standing up and talking in front of them. almost all of them are seniors. which means they are the exact same age as me. why do i feel so much more mature than them?
today during the lecture for that class i overheard some students talking about me.
have you been to lab? how’s the TA?
but she’s nice.
oh, yeah, she seems really nice.
it was really really strange and i never want to have to do that again.
then i had like a two hour meeting about the policies and resources of the university for TAs. it was terribly boring and exhausting. don’t date students. don’t flash grades around. create an environment conducive to learning. campus emergency is 7-9111, 8037779111 from your cell. ugh.
then a reception for new biology grad students. more with the boring and exhausting. but with fruit and cookies. my advisor, being the graduate director, introduced everyone. i flipped off the cameraman while dick was introducing me and he thought it was directed at him and told everyone, “hey, she just flipped me off.”
before the reception, dick asked if i wanted to go out for a beer, celebrate the first week being finally over. sure, of course. i didn’t realize it was just going to be me. luckily a new professor dropped by right before we left and he tagged along. i swear, this man knows even less than i do about social convention.

so. the whole time i was in crete, i was writing this really long letter to the girl. like during the talks, instead of taking notes i was writing her. it was like twelve pages. and i sent olive oil made in the small town we were in (kolymbari) and pasta made with squid ink from athens and a rock from the beach at kolymbari.
she got my package yesterday and didn’t even say anything. that letter was not all killing time on my part, there was some meat in it. meat that i would think would elicit a response of some sort, even if it’s just to say she needs more time to process it or something.

she said no one is alone the way you are alone
and you held her looser than you would’ve
if you ever could have known
some things tie your life together
with slender threads of things to treasure
days like that should last and last and last


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