sigh. what has been going on.
i have not been keeping up with lab stuff like i should. i leave as soon as i can and avoid dick like the plague. i’m procrastinating on this grant proposal like nobody’s business. why is it that i don’t care anymore?
i think my mind’s been leaning toward some mental reevaluation lately, but i’ve been holding it back because i’m not sure i want to go there right now. i’ve been thinking about things i haven’t thought about in years. thinking things i’ve never thought before. it’s kind of freaking me out.
i just don’t know what to make of the girl. it’s like she’s completely ignoring the things i told her a couple of months ago. she’d said that she wasn’t ready to talk about it, and i knew then that meant we never would. and now i see that’s true. i think i may be starting to get over her. or maybe it’s just because i haven’t seen her in several months. we’ll see what i think after i see her in december. especially after spring break in amsterdam.
mom and nannie came up for fall break. my mother has lost like twenty pounds since the last time i saw her. she’s wearing the same size as me. i know i’m supposed to be happy for her and all, but mostly i’m just pissed.
i’ve been hanging out with my cat too much.
me and rommie.

if i had a boat
i’d go out on the ocean
and if i had a pony
i’d ride him on my boat
and we could all together
go out on the ocean
me up on my pony on my boat.